Mobile Data Transfer Will Be Your Favourite Thing


The perils Of data Transfer

Buying a New Phone

Purchasing a new mobile phone usually fills us with a sense of excitement. However, we also feel a sense of worry at having to transfer all our precious contacts from our old phone to the new one. A phone’s SIM card can only hold so much information, and saving old text messages or images is almost impossible. With new Smartphones, we even sync various applications and e-mails to our new phone.  ‘Save & Go‘ distributed by Kores  easily helps us solve all of these problems.

Transferring the Data

‘Save & Go’ is a software program that helps us automatically transfer data from our old mobile phone or tablet, to our new one. The most important feature of the software is that the operating system of the phone or tablet in question doesn’t matter. We can use Save & Go to transfer data between Windows phones, Apple iPhones, and Android phones. Another interesting feature is that the software can also save any special images, text messages or e-mails from one device, and transfer them onto the new device. These transfers are simple, and once the phones are connected to the software, the data is transferred within minutes.

Backing-Up the Phone

The phones that we use often tend to contain important documents and files. In case a phone is stolen, misplaced, or corrupt, all this important data could be lost. Data recovery is possible if the data has been backed-up. Phone data can be saved using the Save & Go software. Begin by plugging the phone into the source port. Then put the pen drive in the target port. Next, select the content that you want to back-up. The data will then get transferred to the pen drive. This data can later be restored on a new device, using the pen drive.

Printing the Data and Configuring E-Mail Accounts

If you want to systematically print out all your data, you can connect your phone to the Save & Go software, and it will give you a hardcopy of all your contacts. Configuring e-mail accounts is quite simple with the software – you simply need to enter the e-mail ID and password once the phone is connected. This works especially well for Android phones, which require a Google account to function properly. Once your Google account is up and running, you can also set up Yahoo, Hotmail, and other accounts.

Why Save & Go

In today’s technological world, people are almost always attached to their phones. No matter what we use our phones for, the data on it is quite important. Losing even one contact could be disastrous. Save & Go helps ensure that all data can easily be transferred between phones and tablets, and even allows us to back-up all data on our phones. There are several stores which have the software – we can visit any of them to back-up, transfer or print data from our phones or tablets instantly.

How Badly Do You Need A Label Printer?


messy deskAre you tired of clutter? Is your workplace, home or industry an area of confusion with unnamed boxes and files? Does your audio-visual system or any other machine have a number of wires attached, leaving you confused as to which wire is which? In such a situation, labels can help you get organised.

Benefits of Brother Label Printers

Many times people use paper labels to name different boxes, wires, files etc. However, if you have used paper labels before, you may know that there are various issues with them. They are not durable and the ink used tends to fade in time. Paper labels can get scratched out and disfigured.

Also, ordering labels in bulk from a manufacturer may not be the best option. This is because, apart from being expensive, the order may take a long time to be delivered. The labels many even have errors in the spellings and they may need to be returned to the manufacturers. Instead of pulling your hair out in frustration you can opt for Brother Label Printers. These printers are designed to print high quality, laminated labels.

Features of Brother Label Printers

Brother Label Printers can be used to print durable, high quality laminated labels that can help organise your home and work place. They can also be used in business and industry settings.  Labels can be made in different sizes, colours and even fonts. In this way you will be able to customise your labels as per you choice. These printers are designed to fit any budget. The handheld printer models give you the freedom to print your labels anytime and anywhere. So, even if your office or industry is located in a far away area, you will still be able to get high quality, laminated labels instantly.

These labels can be pasted on as they have non-toxic tapes that can be easily peeled and stuck. They are water-resistant, chemical resistant, fade resistant and also temperature resistant. Thus, they are ideal for labelling chemical beakers and electrical wires. These labels can also be used to organise cables, wires, outlet covers, patch panels and wires in audio-visual systems. The P-Touch label printer is available in two types: the stand alone variety and the PC connectable variety.

Features of Brother Labels

These customised labels can give any setting a professional touch by getting things organised. Brother Label Printers not only reduce errors, but also reduce cost and save time. It is a vital product for homes, offices, businesses and industries.